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ROK-IT Bore Gauges

ROK-IT gauges are truly spherical - part of a ball. They can be presented to the bore at any angle without struggling for alignment, and rocked over centre to check size.

When using a ROK-IT, there is no discernible friction, so you really can gauge 'size for size' - unlike conventional gauges where excessive friction can use a big chunk of the workpiece tolerance just to push the GO end into the bore. In other words, a conventional plug gauge can reject good components. ROK-IT doesn't.

The Big Advantages

At Hammond & Company, international leaders in the field of Deep Hole Drilling, we naturally know a lot about the machining and measuring of bores.

The problems associated with conventional plug gauges are all too familiar - struggling for alignment, time wasted removing a jammed gauge - resultant damage to both gauge and workpiece. ROK-IT gauges make these issues a thing of the past.

No jamming or swelling in the bore - If the 'GO' end rocks over centre and the 'NOGO' stops, the bore is within tolerance. Fast and simple.

Exceptional gauge life - less friction means less wear.

Versatility - Instantly reveals conditions of ovality, barrelling and taper. Even back taper in a blind bore.

Eighty per cent lighter - we dispensed with unnecessary metal so you dispense with unnecessary effort.

Range of Products

ROK-IT gauges can be purchased as either double ended 'GO' and 'NOGO' with a standard 100mm ( 4in ) handle, or in the larger diameters often with single ended handles also 100mm long.

ROK-IT gauges below 16mm ( 0.630 in ) diameter are supplied with a 'taperlock' design handle, giving an effective length of 90mm ( 3 1/2 in )

Longer handles can be supplied upon request. However if the bore is very long we can supply an articulated 'deep bore' handle to the length required.

ROK-IT gauges over 300mm ( 12 ins ) in diameter will be supplied in the single ended design, but with two handles equi-spaced for ease of use.

Unless otherwise specified, ROK-IT gauges are manufactured to the following standards for gauge manufacturing and wear tolerance.

UKAS and in-house certification is available.

UK -BS 969 - 2008
EUROPE -DIN 7164 - 1966 - 08
USA - ANSI B89. 1.5 - 1998

ROK-IT In Action